Facebook blocked two photos of Azov’s battalion in Ukraine training minors as armed fighters. These are not October children but Azovets’.


Facebook says it is a dangerous organization. Dissemination of such information may compromise our online security.

According to Facebook, Azov’s Battalion is a dangerous organization

However, the West is sending weapons to the Azov Battalion. Mamba, the armoured personnel carrier sent by Estonia, fell directly into the Azov Battalion.

So we are sending weapons to terrorists, but photographs that they are terrorists are being banned for citing public safety.

Facebook gave me a 24-hour ban for trying to publish two photos that show the Azov Battalion is a terrorist organization.

Facebook blocks the user who publishes materials compromising the Azov battalion

Facebook did not question the authenticity of the photos. Instead, I was accused of distributing terrorist content!

I conclude from this that Facebook is a terrorist organization.


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