Yes, The Only Conspiracy Theories are Conspiracy Theories About The US Government

In her essay “It’s Only A ‘Conspiracy Theory’ When It Accuses The US Government”, Caitlin Johnstone provides a list of cases showing that the US calls “conspiracy theories” only these conspiracy theories that are about the US actions.

This list can be extended. For example, the US called “conspiracy theory” the hypothesis that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 escaped from the US bio lab. However, the US presented a theory that this virus escaped from the Chinese bio lab without calling that hypothesis “conspiracy theory”.

The first mistake in US propaganda is the assumption that there must be something wrong with the conspiracy theories per se. So Caitlin Johnstone too writes: “the pejorative ‘conspiracy theory’”. But there is nothing wrong with conspiracy theories as such. Without using conspiracy theories, the police would not be able to do their work. Among the philosophers, Matthew Dentith has defended the position that conspiracy theory is not inferior merely because of being a conspiracy theory.

The first mistake causes the second. As the US is forced to use some conspiracy theories, but it has labelled these theories as insane, it is forced to use the term “conspiracy theory” inconsistently. So, the US applies the term “conspiracy theory” selectively and discriminatively.

The attempt to overcome this illogicalness by referring to the evidence and justifications is a logical mistake too. Even if the US conspiracy theories were better supported by evidence than the Russian ones, the conspiracy theory remains a conspiracy theory even if true and proven.

In the case of the blasts of Nord Stream pipelines, the Swedish government has officially declared that these are cases of sabotage. The Swedish experts have ruled out the other possible causes. Therefore, we may regard it as proven: someone did it. Thus, some conspiracy theory must be true. The only remaining question is about who the conspirator is.

Often, the advantage of the conspiracy theory is its simplicity. However, the hypotheses about false flag operations are not the simplest ones.

Yes, it is a conspiracy theory that Ukraine is shelling the Zaporizye nuclear plant while denying it. But the theory that Russia is regularly bombing the nuclear plant it has occupied is a conspiracy theory too. And it is a complicated and implausible conspiracy theory.

Yes, it is a conspiracy theory that the US blew up Nord Stream pipelines while denying it. But the theory that Russia secretly attacked the underwater constructions in the NATO region while the US ships and helicopters were present is a conspiracy theory too. And it is a complicated and implausible conspiracy theory.

I have written earlier, in my philosophical essay

“Once More About Demagoguery Concerning Conspiracy Theories”

(for a PDF of that paper, see Academia):

“Thus, a suspicion arises that the Americans are assuming such a definition of conspiracy theory, according to which only hypotheses concerning Americans themselves (for example, the hypothesis that the virus SARS-CoV-2 escaped from Fort Detrick military bio lab) can be conspiracy theories.”

The US propaganda is meant for the flat-earthers having flat brains. Even the highest US officials are misusing the concepts, presenting such illogical explanations and arguments that it insults the reader capable of rational reasoning. It is so evident nonsense what they are talking about that it is comparable to the assertion that 2 + 2 = 5.


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