FIDE started its activities after the Second World War and organized the most corrupt world chess championship of all time, “The Hague-Moscow 1948”, in which the Soviet chess player Botvinnik became the world champion. Botvinnik was abnormally resultative against Keres, the representative of Estonia, occupied by the Soviet Union.  By now, however, FIDE has goneContinue reading “THE INTERNATIONAL CHESS FEDERATION FIDE IS DEAD”


On Election Fraud and Other Conspiracy Theories

Trump and Biden both have a common and mistaken conception of “conspiracy theory”, typical for the CIA propaganda. The politicians in the US are using the notion of “conspiracy theory” inconsistently, applying it only when they wish to depreciate some plausible hypothesis. Most of the Western political propaganda consists of unjustified conspiracy theories that are presented as proven ones or, it is even explicitly demanded to believe them without sufficient evidence.