It Takes A Lot Of Education To Keep Us This Stupid — Caitlin Johnstone

Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ The oligarchic empire is working harder and harder to bolt down our minds in service of its agendas. 912 more words It Takes A Lot Of Education To Keep Us This Stupid — Caitlin Johnstone


As my first post in that group, I shared the abstract of my philosophy presentation “Institutional Degeneration of Science” given at Estonian Annual Philosophy Conference 2017 (Tallinn Technical University). I also added a link to my corresponding paper later published. Accidentally, it was published in a Chinese philosophy journal with the representation in NY — because other philosophyContinue reading “REDDIT’s SUBREDDIT r/PhilosophyofScience BLOCKED MY POST”

UK Psychologists Suggest Suppressing Dissent Views On Climate Change and Coronavirus

UK scholars suggest suppressing dissent views in science to avoid cognitive bias.

Unfortunately, suppressing the arguments of one side of the dispute itself generates cognitive bias.