Wiiralt, Preacher

To be anti-academical does not necessarily mean to be anti-scientific. Quite to the contrary.

Nowadays, to be academic often means to be corrupt and pesudoscientific. It means to be the slave of the institutions and formal rules that suppress free thought and rigorous thinking.

To rely on the mainstream media means to be an intellectual victim of the establishment media propaganda and the owners of that media, who are cooperating with the governments.

However, to be scientific means to be intellectually honest and objective, neutral or, at least, publicly declaring one’s ideological intentions.

To be scientific also means to be sceptical or agnostic — to openly admit what is known and what is unknown, what is proven and what is unproven.

This site was created by philosopher Jüri Eintalu (Tallinn, Estonia) in May 2020.


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