Recently, on 29 March 2022, Reuters published an article by Finnish author Essi Lehto:

“Finland must guard against Russia influence in NATO debate, security service says”

On Reddit’s subreddit “Europe”, I commented on it:

“So someone has decided that Finland must join NATO and there will be no debate whatsoever as everyone who argues against it will be immediately labelled as a Russian agent.”

I received minus 10 points, and, as I expected, no substantial counter-arguments were presented.

I received three answers in a few days to my comment that there was a danger that everyone who argues against Finland joining NATO would be immediately labelled as a Russian agent.

The first two replies confirmed my prediction as they accused me of being a Kremlin troll. One of them used the argumentum ad hominem, starting to discuss my personality based on my Reddit history. A typical KGB manoeuvre, I would say.

The third reply used the “argument” that my arguments are “ridiculous”.

Note that as for myself, I have not used the “argument” that the arguments of those who support Finland joining NATO are “ridiculous”.

No one commented based on the text of Reuters’ article shared. So, below, I shall make a few comments on that article.

“Finland expects neighbouring Russia to mount a campaign of disinformation in coming months to influence the Nordic nation’s debate over joining NATO, the Finnish security service said on Tuesday.”

Note that the Finnish security service is not neutral when making such a statement. After all, it assumes that this is disinformation that will be spread, and it comes from Russia. However, how can Finnish people make an informed and democratic decision about joining NATO if their security service has already decided beforehand that all the information coming from Russia is false?

“Public authorities must secure the conditions for a full and frank debate without intimidation, and ensure that outsiders are unable to influence security policy decisions made by Finland.” — Supo

Note that if the Finnish people are to decide whether to join NATO, NATO itself (and the US) are the outsiders. Therefore, to make them unable to influence security policy decisions made by Finland, Finland should first ban all the US Big Tech social media platforms currently used in Finland. These platforms are the US tools to influence the outer world. For example, these platforms implement censorship on the newspapers that publish arguments contrary to the US current foreign policy.

Thus, to ensure that outsiders cannot influence the decisions, Sapo should first ban Facebook, Twitter, Google (including Youtube), Reddit or at least many subreddits.

Finally, the article says:

“Russia calls its actions in Ukraine a ‘special military operation’ to disarm and ‘denazify’ its neighbour. Kyiv and the West consider this a pretext for an unprovoked invasion.”

Unfortunately, it is not the West that believes that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is an unprovoked war. It is the mainstream media of the NATO countries that makes propaganda that the Russian attack was “unprovoked”. And it originates from the announcement of US president Biden that the Russian invasion was “unprovoked”.

The truth, however, is that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was severely provoked by Ukraine and NATO, mainly by the US. And this is not Russian disinformation. It is simply a fact. Whether it amounts to the justification of that invasion is altogether another question I shall not address here.

I conclude that if Finland joins NATO, it is not a properly democratic decision. The one-sided propaganda influences the voters due to the activities of Western mainstream media and social media platforms, and now, also of Finland’s security service Sapo.

People who are to vote even do not understand what is at stake in that gamble.

Western propaganda says that Russia is ever-increasingly aggressive, and countries bordering Russia have to join NATO to secure themselves.

On the other side, Russia complained in 2021 that NATO is ever-increasingly expanding at Russian borders, posing a severe security threat to Russia. However, the US and NATO ignored Russian security concerns. In response, Russia threatened to use military/technological means to stop the expansion of NATO at its borders. The invasion of Ukraine in 2022, whether justified or not, is a clear signal that the Russian threat was credible.

Thus, by starting to join NATO, Finland makes itself a target and may trigger the third world war in Europe.

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