Policies that Help to Hide the Ineffectiveness of the Vaccine

Whatever medicaments, including the vaccines, have to be tested before taking them in use. Both the effectiveness and the side effects of the medicament have to be taken into account. In addition, the seriousness of the disease has to be taken into account. 

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is declared to be new. Often, the development of the new vaccine takes 1.5 up to 10 years. The coronavirus vaccines have been made very fast. Many, if not all, of the coronavirus vaccines, have not been finally tested. Moreover, the most used vaccine in Western countries, Pfizer’s vaccine, is essentially experimental, using entirely new technology. 

The best test of the vaccine is the use of it, as millions of patients are involved. Indeed, the statistical data are at the heart of many heated discussions. But, unfortunately, some current policies tend to blur the statistical effectiveness of the vaccine: 

  1. the restriction policies; 
  2. the vaccination policies.

Restriction Policies

Restrictions are meant to slow down the spread of the epidemic. However, in many countries, the restrictions are discriminatory in the sense that the conditions for the vaccinated and unvaccinated are different. 

Vaccination passports are removing some restrictions from the vaccinated people: they can work, visit crowded places, and so on. I have even seen that the vaccinated people do not have to wear the masks while the others have to do it. 

Unfortunately, as a result, vaccinated people tend to have greater exposure to the virus. Moreover, harmful and mistaken propaganda that the vaccine is very effective has made the vaccinated people too bold. The advertised effectiveness of the vaccine was 90%. In reality, it seems to be smaller. 

All this may explain why there are surprisingly many vaccinated people among the infected patients in the hospitals. Of course, it is not the case everywhere, but it is a reality in some places (in Estonia 1/3 right now). 

However, my point in the present essay is that the vaccination passports policy may help hide the vaccine’s actual ineffectiveness. 

The failures of the vaccine can be attributed to the factor of having higher exposure to the virus due to the vaccine passport and corresponding removal of cautionary measures. 

Vaccination Policies 

Several prominent or influential people have demanded compulsory vaccination in several countries, or the politicians have implemented it. The most curious idea, presented in several countries, is that unvaccinated people should be left without medical help in the hospitals (or should be the last ones to be treated by the doctors). It has been argued that unvaccinated people are “guilty” and that such a policy would “motivate” people to vaccinate, etc. In Estonia, even Prime Minister Kaja Kallas pressed that idea, but it was not implemented. 

Of course, such a practice is not a triage (in the ordinary sense) as the triage aims to save as many lives as possible at the hospital. However, in the present essay, I have some other points in mind. 

The practice of letting unvaccinated but infected people die at the hospitals would artificially increase the apparent effectiveness of the vaccine. 


In sum, some people implement the vaccine passports policy and advertise to implement the policy of letting unvaccinated people without medical treatment. However, these people are implementing or trying to enforce such policies that could help hide the vaccine’s actual ineffectiveness. They are saying that the vaccine is effective and, therefore, they suggest their policies. These policies, however, make it difficult, if not impossible, to evaluate the actual effectiveness. 

Therefore, an alternative explanation of their policies would be that the vaccine is ineffective, and they are trying to hide it using such approaches that blur the statistics. 

I do not assert that this hypothesis is true. However, the initial probability of that hypothesis is nonzero. Moreover, it is far from being my fault if some people are pressing policies making the statistics nontransparent. 

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