According to r/PhilosophyofScience, discussing the corruption of the science system is unsafe, uncivil or not belonging to the philosophy of science.

As my first post in that group, I shared the abstract of my philosophy presentation

“Institutional Degeneration of Science”

given at Estonian Annual Philosophy Conference 2017 (Tallinn Technical University).

I also added a link to my corresponding paper later published.

Accidentally, it was published in a Chinese philosophy journal with the representation in NY — because other philosophy journals rejected my paper without any comments whatsoever.

Thus, I shared the text of my conference theses with a link to the paper containing many literature references. I shared it in the group for the philosophy of science under the “flair” Discussion.

While my post violated neither the Reddit rules nor the subreddit rules, it was blocked. When I asked a question about why my post was blocked, the moderator of the subreddit answered that now, I have been permanently banned from the subreddit PhilosophyofScience because I am

“an annoying nutjob”

Note from the moderators of r/PhilosophyofScience: “Being an annoying nutjob.”

Thus, Western science and philosophy have so degenerated that even a philosophical discussion about the possibility that the science system is corrupt and degenerated will be censored immediately and regarded as a sign of mental illness. At least, such a hypothesis has found a new and fresh confirmation again.


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