Musée Ingres-Bourdelle – Jeanne d’Arc Pastoure, 1898 – Bronze – Antoine Bourdelle

Popular schemes contrasting religion with science have been outdated.

Western science is under the heavy influence of politics and ideologies and has sold itself out, becoming itself a religion.

It is not science if it has been made impossible to criticize publicly a theory that has been announced true.

It is not science if a school child Greta Thunberg talks about highly sophisticated statistical models of climate change, and the Council of Europe invites her to broadcast like Jeanne d’Arc.

Greta Thunberg (Wikimedia Commons)

It is not science if Michael Mann failed to present the raw data of his hockey stick model to the court and lost the court case, and the establishment media and the scientists were primarily silent about it.

It is not science if Mann called those who called him a scient fraudster as science denialists.

It is not science if science journals, Wikipedia and mainstream media have censored the alternative medicine, the critics of coronavirus vaccines, the so-called climate sceptics, the researchers of racial and ethnic differences.

It is not science if, among the theories concerning the origins of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Wuhan lab hypothesis is promoted, but the Fort Detrick lab hypothesis is labelled as conspiracy theory and is censored.

It is not science if the concepts are used imprecisely and inconsistently and, against the critics, propagandistic arguments are applied.

It is not science if, in the so-called social sciences, the preferred ideologies and values are systematically smuggled in, then mixed with statistics, and empirically untestable conclusions and proposals are made.

It is not science; it is religion.


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