WordPress and Unpublished Comments

As a newcomer on WordPress, I discovered one disappointing feature of it.

WordPress advertises commenting on others’ articles. However, it is not so easy to see the history of one’s comments. It also turns out that the authors of intellectually weak positions can simply delete critical comments. And they are doing this.

At least, for sure, the author of the post can decide not to publish your comment if it is critical. And they are doing this.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to copy one’s own comment before it was rejected. One has to copy it before submitting it. I was even unable to make a screenshot of my comment as it was rejected so quickly. It simply vanished.

It has happened several times now.

Thus, the best way to comment on WordPress is to write your comment in your notebook first and then try to publish it as a comment to the destination article. Otherwise, one may lose one’s text written.

Happily, WordPress has the section “Conversations”.

If one’s comment has been approved, it will be saved there. But non-accepted comments will vanish anyway.

There are not so many conversations or discussions on WordPress as the authors do not accept critical comments.

My comments deleted were critical about the mainstream myth that all conspiracy theories are wrong, that conspiracy theorists are insane and under-educated.

I shall not promote a conspiracy theory that only the defenders of conspiracy theories are censored. It may well be the case that some conspiracy theorists are not approving critical comments.

In so far, I have not discovered automated censorship here. However, I have found here some posts asserting the existence of it.

Anyway, on the environment Medium, every comment is a post of its own. The author of the post you are commenting on cannot delete your comment as it is a separate publication and you are the author of it.

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