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My Conspiracy Theory: Governments Spreading the Coronavirus Forth-and-Back

In 2014… The news that dozens of workers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) might have been exposed to anthrax, that vials of smallpox virus had been left lying around in an NIH storeroom, and that the CDC had unwittingly sent out samples of ordinary influenza virus contaminated with H5N1, shook faith in the country’s biosafety procedures.

The Lancet, 2018

Consider the following narrative. It is one plausible hypothesis among other plausible explanations that are difficult to prove or refute because of the information war between the governments — mainly between China and the US, who both are the suspects and whose words cannot be taken seriously.

In 2014, a series of risky mistakes happened at US government laboratories dealing with highly dangerous pathogens.

In 2014, President Obama announced a moratorium on GOF (Gain-Of-Function) experiments that are creating new dangerous pathogens. Some researches that had been started already were allowed to finish.

In 2014, if not earlier, a new coronavirus was created in the bio lab, a virus able to infect human beings.

In 2015, the results were published in the journal Nature. It was told that as raw material, some bats’ natural coronavirus was used that was obtained from China, Wuhan bio lab. A chimeric coronavirus was created able to infect humans, against which no known medicament or vaccine helps. That virus could naturally arise in nature (How can they prove that?). While Chinese scientists participated in the study, everything else referred to the US, and probably that virus was created in the Fort Detrick bio lab.

Never forget. Superpowers can create such killing coronaviruses that look like natural.

In January 2017, Obama’s presidency ended, and Trump’s era began.

In December 2017, Obama’s moratorium on dangerous biological GOF experiments was ended.

In June or July 2019, the new coronavirus (SARS-Covid-2) accidentally broke out from Fort Detrick bio lab of dangerous viruses and bacteria. It was evident that the epidemic cannot be avoided and that sooner or later, it will be discovered that this is the epidemic of some new virus.

In July/August 2019, the Fort Detrick bio lab was closed (it was partially reopened some months later).

In October 2019, in the US, a simulation of coronavirus pandemic Event 201 was held.

In October 2019, also, more than 300 US militaries visited China, Wuhan military games. Some of them intentionally spread the virus in Wuhan. The aim was to hide the accident in Fort Detrick. The second aim was to economically harm China, as the US’s economic harm was already predictable. This is in the context of an economic war between the US and China that Donald Trump had started before the virus outbreak.

In November 2019, the coronavirus epidemic appeared in Wuhan. US intelligence informed Israel about the new virus epidemic before Chinese doctors were able to detect it. Chinese intelligence immediately understood that the virus came from the US and could not publicly prove it. China intentionally sent the virus back to the west — to Europe and the US.

The US president, Donald Trump, waited with his reaction a few months and denied the pandemic because he aimed to make sure that he could convince people that the virus came from China. His second aim was to create hysteria and panic in the US and use China’s card in his presidential election campaign, telling that China is guilty of everything and that only Donald Trump can save America from Chinese aggression.

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